PowerApps/Dynamics Portal: How to display announcements?

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Here are the few new requirements which come most of the time in PowerApps Portal / Dynamics Portal / AdxStudio. 

  • Downtime notifications to users
  • Upcoming changes in the customer-related functionalities
  • Giving information ahead about new changes from the company/products/services
  • Announcements to the customer on withdrawing products/services

It could be a small thing, but it makes a big difference from the customer aspect. They are aware that when the portal will ready / what changes will happen / when can we expect the new changes.

Let’s see how we can implement this. 

I am going to re-use the advertisement functionality. It has a lot of features like automatic visible, expiration.

If you like to showcase the ad in the home page, copy the below syntax and place it in the Home Web Template and give the ad name. Don’t forget to clear the cache (yoursiteurl/_services/about –> clear cache)

{% include ‘ad’ ad_name:’Placeholder’ %}

Configuring the ad:


I hope you enjoyed this small tip.

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