AdxStudio / Dynamics Portal :: Permissions required to configure SubGrid in WebForm Steps

Happy Morning !!

Recently, had a requirement.

  1. Configure the Web page, Web form and Web form steps
  2. Web page will be used by Anonymous users, anyone has link will access the web forms

Here you can find the article which helps on how to define the web page, web form and web form steps.

It will be easy to configure to the above requirement using the above link.

Whats surprise then ?

Yes.. If you need to show the sub-grid in web form step and give provision to Associate and Dis-Associate records in the sub-grid.  We don’t require to configure the entity permission to show the data fields and submit the details in CRM. So far we don’t need to respect the entity permission.

When we need of using Sub-Grid, we need entity permission with the related entities. Here are the steps to do.

  1. Enable Web form Step which will show the sub-grid to respect the Entity permission
  2. Configure the Sub-grid in Web form step metadata
  3. Create Entity Permission record for primary entity and Secondary entity with privilege of Read, Append and Append To
  4. Associate OOB “Anonymous users”role to this two entity permission record

Job done..

Hope this quick tips will help someone in need. I spent sometime to figure out this. Hope you don’t require 🙂

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Happy Dynamics 365ing and Happy weekend.

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