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{Quick tip} Get two option set value in Dynamics Portal

Came to give quick tip on Dynamics 365 / CRM Two option set field in Dynamics Portal.

Previous post I showed on how to set value for option set field (Two option set)

Here you go for get the value from two option set.


Hope it help you to reduce your time on searching this.

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{Dynamics Portal: Show/Hide Action button}

Hope everyone is doing great ❤

Recently, I had a requirement to show / hide the Workflow button based on certain field value.

Portal has provision for it.

In Action button configuration advanced settings, we can find Filter Criteria text box. There you can put FetchXml filter condition.

Like below,

It does the magic on load of the form in Dynamics portal.

Hope it help somebody.

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{Set Two Optionset value in Dynamics Portal}

Dear All,

It’s been a while i haven’t write any post. Quite busy with office stuffs.

Currently busy working in Dynamics Portals and Dynamics 365 v9.0 with updated client API.

Here I would like to share quick tip on setting field values on Dynamics Portal. We know that lot of articles are flown in the google for get/set values. we cant find for Two options set fields in Dynamics 365/CRM.

Here is the snippet which works for it.

Two option set field is rendered as group radio button.

Hope this tip will help to save your time.

If you have any alternative approach, Please do share with me.

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