The Specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted

Today, We have faced this issue in our environment. It happens at the time of Qualifying the LEAD. I was wondering what could be reason for this error. Here is the screenshot of the image.

Error Screenshot
From the Log File:

{ "message": "An error occured while processing this request."}

I was not sure from where to start. I just listed out the activities which we are performing on Qualify and Create of opportunity. So that we can cross-check those items and fix this.

  • Security Role – Record ownership/Privileges
  • SLA
  • Plugins/Workflows

From the log file, I could see that error is not showing anything related to the Security. So started checking out the customization made on the Create of opportunity.

We have a plugin which is firing on Create of Opportunity. So it could be reason for this error. I checked the code and Entities which am touching on the code and the user has enough privilege on those entities. Everything looks normal.

SLA also looks normal. There is nothing wrong in the assignment.

Security Role:
Everything looks normal, I was running out of options. Then decided to disable the plugins and let the Qualify action to fire without any interruption.  Boom.. I got the error but different error message. It’s related to the insufficient privilege on certain entity. Then I fixed the privilege issue and tested with enabling plugin. It’s working fine as usual.

Users are getting this error for different set of scenarios. Ideally, What we need to do is.. we need to list out what we did on the certain action.

  • Check for plugins
  • Check for custom workflows
  • Check for action performed on the certain activity and have enough privilege for the user
  • try dis-able the custom activities and try it out to  know the actual error like me. 
  • Any external integration happens while performing this activity

I hope it will help somebody and put the users to think in right direction to fix this issues.

Please do share me your feedback in comments. If you need any support for ongoing projects / fresh implementation / data migration / anything, you can reach out to me. I am so happy to assist.. 
Thanks for reading my post.

4 thoughts on “The Specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted

  1. Hello Maniraj,

    I’m having this issue too, if I try tro create a Note asociated to Account or Contact, system shows me this message, however if I try to create a Note asociated to Case it’s working fine. Could you say to me what can be happening?

    Thank you, kind regards.

  2. Hi Fernando,
    Thanks for checking out my blog. The reason could be privilege issue.
    1. Try creating a note for account/contact using the “System administrator” role.
    2. Disable any plugins or workflows which are triggering on the association of Contact or Account records.

    Let me know, how it goes.

  3. I do have the same problem, even as an admin_user. Also the normal Users do have these error notification. Just pops up while creating a new account.

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