Controls to explore in #Dyn365

From November 1, Microsoft has released the Dynamics 365 for general use. I just started exploring the new features available in it.

Lets see whats new in the controls and its configuration?

New Controls at Entity Level

In Dynamics CRM, We can add the controls for the entity.It could be enabled or disabled for Phone and Tablet.

Ex. List/Grid, Calendar and Timeline.

In Dynamics 365, We can add few more controls for the entity. It could be enabled or disabled for Web, Phone and Tablet.

Ex. List/Grid, Calendar, CardFeedContainer, Editable Grid and Timeline.


How to configure the new controls?

In my previous post, I have shared screenshots of editable grid features. here is the steps to configure it too.

Editable Grid Properties:

Once you added Editable Grid control, another tab with the name of “Events” will be visible. So here you can configure the events to be triggered on the Editable Grid.


Basically Our CRM grid data’s are sourced from “Views”. So we have to choose a view which will be given/configuring for customer.


  • we have option to choose devices for the entities
  • Add lookup
    • property will helps to configure the lookup for the view which you have chose
    • view must have lookup properties so that we can use this property
    • can set up the properties for the selected Lookup field aka Its like configuring the lookup field in forms
    • Users can turn off filter” – it will work like right side image. While typing for choosing new contact, it will suggest users to disable filter.
    • we can see the matching names are highlighted in bold.




Search suggestions are highlighted in bold

  • Enable and configure the nested Grid View as well
  • Enable or Disable the group by option as well


New controls for Field Level customization at Forms:

In Dynamics CRM, custom control for the fields are Auto-complete and Input mask.

In Dynamics 365, we have one more custom control as added new (Barcode Scanner)

BarCode Scanner control properties:

  • BarCodeScannerControl_value (required)
  • Compatible types: SingleLine.Text
  • BarCodeScannerControl_value_desc
Bug/Product feature:
“Users can turn off filter” property  is enabled. But “Only show records where” property is disabled. In this case, Lookup field should not show options to disable/enable the filter for user. but it’s happening. so it’s a bug. share your views on this.
“Child property should work accordingly with parent property”
Explore new controls by using in the forms share your experience with me.

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