Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editable Grids

Bit more information on “editable grids” features in the Dynamics 365.

One of the WOW feature in #Dyn365 is “Editable Grid“.

After we hear this feature, Our mind starts cooking. Errr…..

  • will it replace the JqGrid ?
  • how to configure in entity ?
  • how can i configure in forms ?
  • how can i extend this grid functionality?
  • how can i import or export from different environment?
  • can i do validation on the edited data ?
  • whether OOB validation features will work with this ?

I hope all our questions will be answered by Microsoft in this release. Lets see the high level overview of the features and some screenshots

Grid Features as follows

  • In-line editing
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Pagination
  • Calculated & Rollup Fields
  • Run time resize/move column
  • Auto save when move to next record
  • Toggle between ready-only grid to editable grid
  • Filtered lookup
  • Chart panel interaction
  • Command bar interaction
  • Save user state
  • Editable Grids supports most of the data types except:
    • State, Customer type field, Composite field, Partylist, Lookup entity related fields
  • Editable Grids respects read-only grid metadata and configurations

Editing lookup values


Group By


Inline Editing


Command Bar


Nested Grid in Mobile


Definitely you must have question in your mind ?

Can we extend the Editable Grid Capabilities ? I guess YESSSSSSSS. Here are the few things we can do . waiting to get hands-on in this… šŸ˜‰

  • Editable Grids supports JavaScript events for home grid, sub-grid
    • OnRecordSelect
    • OnSave
    • OnChange
  • Editable Grids supports entity level Business Rules
    • Show error message
    • Set field value
    • Set business required
    • Set default value
    • Lock or unlock fields

How this grid can be configured ? How the grid configuration and customization will be deployed ?

  • Built on Custom Control Framework)
  • Configuration is per entity
  • One configuration applies to all form factors (Web, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Can be imported/exported as solution

Still we could see the editable grids in Dynamics 365 at high level only. Very soon will post the work experience in configuring the editable grids.

Happy blogging !!

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