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Controls to explore in #Dyn365

From November 1, Microsoft has released the Dynamics 365 for general use. I just started exploring the new features available in it.

Lets see whats new in the controls and its configuration?

New Controls at Entity Level

In Dynamics CRM, We can add the controls for the entity.It could be enabled or disabled for Phone and Tablet.

Ex. List/Grid, Calendar and Timeline.

In Dynamics 365, We can add few more controls for the entity. It could be enabled or disabled for Web, Phone and Tablet.

Ex. List/Grid, Calendar, CardFeedContainer, Editable Grid and Timeline.


How to configure the new controls?

In my previous post, I have shared screenshots of editable grid features. here is the steps to configure it too.

Editable Grid Properties:

Once you added Editable Grid control, another tab with the name of “Events” will be visible. So here you can configure the events to be triggered on the Editable Grid. Continue reading “Controls to explore in #Dyn365”

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SSIS – Binary code for the script is not found

Last Friday, I was into an issue. My package is working fine in development server. but its not working in the deployed server.





Constantly getting the same error. Even after the multiple Build/Rebuild/Clean on the Script component and Project 🙁

Finally Spark came up.. whether the Script Component project build is giving new build file every time or giving the pre-compiled version of it.???

Yes you got it.. I too thought the same…


Then how to clear the cache in Script component ?

Easiest way is that make some changes in code, Build it. ITS WORKED FOR ME. Hope will for you too.

Share with me, if you got some other way to do..

Happy blogging !!!

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Summary of Dynamics 365 Editions and Licensing model

Whats new..??? Lets explore !!

Editions in Dynamics 365:

  • Business edition – Optimized for 10-250 employees
  • Enterprise edition  – Optimized for 250+ employees

Licensing model in Dynamics 365:

Dynamics 365’s primary licensing model is by named user subscription. Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into two types. One user type is a “full user” and the other is a “light user”.

Full users are the users whose work requires use of the feature rich business apps functionality. In the Dynamics 365 license model, full users are licensed with either a Dynamics 365 Plan (Not available launch) or Dynamics 365 application (App) subscription.

Examples of full users are sales people, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers, supply chain managers, etc. These users have also been referred to in the past as Pro users or Power Users.

Light users are typically the large number of users in an organization that consume data or reports from line of business systems and who complete light tasks. In the Dynamics 365 model “light users” are licensed with the Dynamics 365 for Team Members subscription.

Examples of light users activities are time/expense entry and HR record updates.


for more information:

To follow the latest updates, question and answers of Dynamics 365 , you can follow the community from Microsoft and you can follow my blog as well 😉

Link to Community: Dynamics 365 – Business EditionDynamics 365 – Enterprise Edition

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Override the Exchange rates in Dynamics CRM

Today, we came across a scenario that we need to override the default behavior of exchange rate calculation. Whenever modifying the active records which has currency fields, money fields will be recalculated based on the exchange rate available in the system.  For some cases, we may need to stop this behavior. That means, instead of taking the exchange rate from currency master, It should take the user provided value.

After going through so many forums, we finally decided that we could go by intercepting the “RetreiveExchangeRate” message.

Two steps:

  1. Somewhere you have to maintain the custom exchange rates so that you can pass to the plugin while you intercept that. It purely depends on the situation.
    • Maintain your exchange rates in custom entity
    • Maintain your exchange rates in the same record itself
  2. Write a plugin which will intercept the message “RetreiveExchangeRate” and pass your exchange rates instead of the system exchange rates

Hope you got idea on how to Override the exchange rates in Dynamics CRM.

If you need code for this, Please ping me in comments.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editable Grids

Bit more information on “editable grids” features in the Dynamics 365.

One of the WOW feature in #Dyn365 is “Editable Grid“.

After we hear this feature, Our mind starts cooking. Errr…..

  • will it replace the JqGrid ?
  • how to configure in entity ?
  • how can i configure in forms ?
  • how can i extend this grid functionality?
  • how can i import or export from different environment?
  • can i do validation on the edited data ?
  • whether OOB validation features will work with this ?

I hope all our questions will be answered by Microsoft in this release. Lets see the high level overview of the features and some screenshots Continue reading “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editable Grids”

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Things to consider “Package part” for your implementation 

What’s best we got ? 

  • We can create a template which will be reused forever
  • Do a change in one place,  it will reflect wherever it’s referred
  • Reduces developer time in finding the copy paste issues LoL
  • Able to pass parameters to and fro
  • Best work for the control flow component which will be independent of the previous steps ex. Package audit
  • Defined connection managers in package parts will be carried out wherever it’s used.  I guess it’s best thing. So many times I have faced this issue during copy paste. Hope this issue will not repeat if we use package parts

What to be considered ? 

  • The configured package parts variables in your package will be overridden , whenever you modifying / refreshing the package parts 
  • Best works for the control flow executables which will be independent of the previous steps ex. Package audit
  • You can debug package part from the package by keeping breakpoints in package parts
  • Variables in package parts are Task Scoped.  So you have to think on how to pass values to it
  • Using expression editor in package parts variable,  we can pass values 
  • Passing object variables to package parts is not possible because expression editor will not support object variables 

This feature is available from SQL server 2016. Since this is first release we can expect more in upcoming releases.

Try it out and share with your thoughts . 

Happy blogging . . .