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SSIS – Flat File Package Logger – Part 1

Is it possible to develop something “re-usable in SSIS” ?


Yeeaaaahh !! We can develop re-usable control flow parts. Its available as part of SQL Server 2016.  

I believe MSBI professionals aware of this new feature.

For more details on this:


  1. Generic requirement in package development is that we need to log the package details like package name, start time, end time, row count details, error details. So it helps a lot for the deployment/developer team to review the package status and investigate the issues if required.
  2. Each and every package will have the logger. Ideally we will develop some control flow or data flow to achieve it and copying the same to all the packages.

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Unable to create the type with the name ‘CRM’ (Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS)


Some cases, we will be developing the SSIS package with third party component (custom dll’s) to connect or integrate with certain applications. In that case, while deploying the packages to different server, we need to install third party component (custom dll’s) as well. Rarely we will be getting error in deploy the package.

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